ray insurance Damage caused by lightning, such as fire, is covered under the standard insurance policy of homeowners, tenants and business owners. Some owner or business insurance coverage also includes portions for damages specifically caused by changes in the electrical flow (power surge) that are the direct result of the lightning.

In the case of the cars, there is also coverage against the damages caused directly and indirectly to a car under the portion of “other damages other than collisions, also known as extensive coverage, or in English as comprehensive.

How to reduce the risk of lightning damage
With the massive increase of electronic equipment and appliances in homes, from flat screen TVs to multiple computers in homes, it becomes increasingly necessary to prevent damage and protect your belongings from the possible damage of nature. So the I.I.I. offers these actions to prevent loss and damage to your home and belongings:

Install a system of lightning protection or lightning protection systems. These systems are designed to protect the structure of your home or business by channeling through safe and specific conduits the energy discharged by lightning so that it is channeled to land without affecting the structures of the house. The so-called lightning rods, neither attract nor repel the rays that arise in a thunderstorm. These what they do is that they receive the electricity generated by the lightning and they lead it to land, discharging the energy in a safe way.

A lightning rod system is composed of an exposed or terminal end in a pole or that can be concealed as a weather vane in the roof of the structure, and a wiring system that conducts the current to the terminals buried in the floor of the structure. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) also recommends that this system be strongly anchored to the roof of the building (home or business) to avoid being blown away by the wind and causing additional damage. It is especially important that you hire a professional electrician to do this installation under the UL certification requirements.

Lightning or lightning protection equipment can be a seemingly expensive investment, but it will give you better protection for your family, home, business and personal belongings

Use protectors of changes of the electrical flow (arises protectors). These devices are particularly useful as an additional layer of protection for your electronic appliances and equipment. There is what is known in English as arrestors arises that are installed in the main electrical panel of the house and the entry points of other services such as telephone, cable or internet service.

This type of protection filters and dissipates the changes of electrical flow that could damage the internal electrical system of the structure, and reach delicate equipment such as computers, refrigerator, televisions and other appliances. In addition, you can also place power strips that contain voltage protectors and other electrical spikes to specific pieces of electronic equipment, as long as they are UL certified. Anyway, these should not be the only layer of protection between their equipment and the rays since their capacity to filter changes of electric flow is limited.

Unplug expensive electronic equipment. As an additional precaution, it is advisable that before the possible thunderstorm arrival, keep your electronic equipment unplugged. Do not wait until the rays are falling around you to unplug your devices.

Car insurance is an insurance contract that covers the risks created by driving cars in case of causing an accident.There is a basic modality, whose contracting is compulsory for the owners of any vehicle, which is why it is compulsory insura

Along with this basic modality, other voluntary supplements can be contracted: what is called voluntary civil liability insurance, which covers possible compensation to third parties over the amounts included in the compulsory insurance; the occupant insurance, the same as the previous one but specifi

nce of the automobile that covers the civil liability of the owner and the driver of the vehicle – in the case that they are not the same person – for the damages and injuries that they cause to third parties. It also includes legal defense up to certain limits. This modality is regulated in detail by the state regulations.


cally for the occupants of the vehicle; the insurance of own damages or insurance to all risk, by the damages that can suffer the vehicle of the own insured one; the insurance of moons, for the damages to the moons of the own vehicle, is a subspecies of the previous one; the driver’s accident insurance, which is insurance on the life of the driver himself, since he is not covered by the compulsory insurance; legal defense insurance insofar as it is not covered by the mandatory; travel assistance, etc.

There is also the “franchise” variant that is used above all in all-risk car insurance that instead of covering the total of the claim, only does so from an amount supported by the insured.

There are no basic modalities, they are called coverages and their characteristics are the following:

Civil Liability Coverage: this coverage only covers the damages or injuries caused by the vehicle that is insured to third parties, whether in their assets or persons, the theft of the vehicle and its damages are excluded.

Limited Coverage: this coverage covers the damages or injuries caused by the vehicle that is insured to third parties, whether in their property or persons and the theft of the vehicle is also covered, in this coverage the damage of the insured vehicle is not covered.

Broad Coverage: this coverage covers the damages or injuries caused by the vehicle that is insured to third parties whether they are in their property or people, the theft of the vehicle is covered and the damage of the insured vehicle is also covered. In all cases, the defense coverage legal is protected.

In each coverage including the legal defense is specified the amount by which the insurance company will respond.

There are other coverages that each person chooses, just like the previous coverages if they need them or not, they are:

Adaptations or conversions …
Accidents to the driver …
Road aid…